About thinkBuddha.org

Welcome to thinkBuddha.org. This website is a personal project run by me, Will Buckingham. I set up the site way back in 2005 whilst I was working on my PhD in philosophy, and the site ran for five years as a blog that aimed to explore aspects of Buddhist thought. In 2011, due to an increased workload, and a number of other writing projects on the go at once, I realised I had insufficient time to write regularly. So I refashioned the blog as a kind of repository for articles on things related to meditation, philosophy, Buddhism, science and so on. I cleared out a bunch of old articles that were no longer relevant, kept the stuff with a bit more substance, and redesigned the site.

Most of the articles on this site are, in different ways, responses to the various traditions of Buddhism, or to other questions seen in the light of these traditions. I tend to see the reflections and thoughts on this blog as “Buddhish” — that is to say, more or less Buddhist, or somewhat saffron-tinged — rather than strictly “Buddhist”. In other words, this is not necessarily an orthodox reading of Buddhist doctrine and practice, and sometimes the articles here are only tenuously connected with hard-core Buddhist teachings. I hope that the articles on this site might stimulate thought and reflection, but it is not my intention that they should be seen as Buddhist “teachings”.

I see the various things that I write here more as wayside markers than as fully-formed (and perfectly defensible) positions. And given that the things I’ve written here have all been written over a period of years, they may not all reflect my present position.

If you want to find out more about my writing — when not working on thinkBuddha.org, I write philosophy, fiction and children’s books, and lecture at De Montfort University – then go to my personal website at willbuckingham.com. I have a blog over there as well. It’s usually just updates about what I’m up to, rather than anything more meaty; although I sometimes go off on various riffs and tangents.

This website runs using the wonderfully elegant textpattern. The design draws upon a heavily modified theme originally by David Kohout.