The Strange Case of Dalai the Cat

Wednesday April 26, 2006

Cat, meditating...

Dalai the cat, a feline of spiritual propensities who was blessed by the Dalai Lama on his visit to Scotland last year, was so moved by the experience that three months ago he promptly decided to go forth from the household life and become a wandering seeker after the truth.

After several months of absence, Dalai has now returned to his owner. Where he spent the three months is the subject of come controversy. Cynics will claim that he was curled up by the fire of an indulgent old lady who fed him treats throughout the bitterly cold nights of a Scottish February, or else – the scandal! – that he was indulging his passions with lady cats in the back-streets of Edinburgh, not having been neutered.

But fie upon the cynics! I say. From my contacts north of the border, I have many reliable eyewitness reports of the young Dalai, a mere boy of 20 months, fasting and engaged in constant meditation in the wilderness that is Arthur’s Seat, his whiskers radiating golden light.

Image: Gracey Stinson

# · Tracie

Hi, I am the owner of Dalai the missing cat, who indeed is home now, how would you like his real picture as apposed to just any moggie?

# · Will

Hi, Tracie,

Fantastic to hear from you! Yes, do send me a picture of Dalai in all his glory, and I’ll remove this random mog forthwith!

Best wishes,


# · Tracie

how will i get the pic to you?

# · Will

Check your e-mail.



# · Tracie

something went wrong I have lost your email, can you mail me one more time!

many thanks

# · Alan Foley


# · tracie

hi. i am back and have pictures ready of the real Dali, do you have your mail adress again? will send as =ap

# · tracie

hope you like the pictures i gave you a few to choose from,

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