Dalai the Cat - Photo Exclusive

Monday July 17, 2006

Dalai the Cat 1

Back in April, I reported on the mysterious disappearance and subsequent return of Scottish Buddhist moggy Dalai Lama. Dalai, regular readers of thinkBuddha may recall, was blessed by his namesake and then promptly went forth from the household life. He reappeared as mysteriously as he had gone missing, three months later.

Anyway, after publishing that article, Dalai’s owner, Tracie Knight, got in touch with thinkBuddha to offer to send some photographs and to give an update on Dalai’s fortunes. Dalai and Tracie have now moved out into the country to a farm where Dalai spends his time catching mice and chasing pheasants. Tracie claims that Dalai is “the first spiritual cat in the world”. I am not sure what Bodhicattva – thinkBuddha’s own feline Buddhist aspirant – would make of this claim, but I’m afraid I can’t disturb him to ask: he’s busy engaging in his morning meditation out in the garden…

An early photograph of Dalai and his less famous brother, Wannaboy

Dalai and Wannaboy

Dalai Creeping up on a Pheasant

Thanks to Tracie Knight for the photos and the update!

# · Vicky Allan


I’m a journalist at the Sunday Herald newspaper in Scotland and I’m working on an article in which I interview a whole range of different people who have felt the influence of the Dalai Lama in their lives. I was interested in talking to Tracie Knight, as I thought the story of her and her cat might make quite a fun story amongst some of the heavier ones. I wonder if you could forward my contact details on to her. My telephone number is 07931 551 759.


Vicky Allan

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