Shiny Buddha

Thursday August 3, 2006

Buddha Rays

When will Buddhist miracles ever cease? First there was Ram Bomjon, and now in Sri lanka, coloured Buddha images have apparently been reported to be emanating mysterious rays of light and “millions” (journalistic hyperbole anyone?) have been flocking to temples across the country.

If a miracle, it must be a local phenomenon. This morning, in the interests of scientific research, I looked a a whole load of Buddha images and – call me spiritually blind if you must – with only one exception I failed to see any haloes of light (unless I held them up to the sun, but that felt like cheating). The exception was the Shiny Buddha image that I bought from Pushkar’s Shop on Wheels in Bodh Gaya several years ago. That Pushkar knew his sales techniques, I’m telling you. I was lucky not to come away with one hundred Shiny Buddhas.

But anyway, my Shiny Buddha has always been very shiny, so it doesn’t count as a miracle. Here’s a picture, clickable so that you can see it in full glory.

It should be said that not everyone is impressed by the Sri Lankan revelations. Pitiduwe Siridhamma, a leading Sri Lankan monk, was having none of it. “If you really want to see Buddha rays, learn the Dhamma and attain enlightenment,” he said. “That is the only way. Now [these miracle rays] are only causing traffic jams.”

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