Lose Weight: Convert to Buddhism

Tuesday September 26, 2006

Tape Measure

A curious piece of research caught my eye this morning. Apparently, sociologists at Purdue University, Indiana, have mapped religious affiliation to body mass index.

According to the Times Online, “Even allowing for their Southern roots, Baptists were the largest all-round congregation, with 30 per cent being obese. Next, with an obesity rate of 22 per cent, was Fundamentalist Protestant (including Church of Christ and Pentecostal). Third, at 19 per cent, was Pietistic Protestant, which embraces the Methodists, among others.”

Catholics come off somewhat better, with only 17% being obsese, whilst those svelte Hindus, Muslims and Buddhists together weighed in at only 0.7% obesity. So if you are interested only in the weight-loss aspects, you can take your pick between the three…

Make of that what you will.

# · Raken

Perhaps this is due to the social limitations of most of our Buddhist, Muslim and Hindu bretheren?

# · Terrance

Interesting. I succeeded in losing 25 lbs. this year, but I’m not sure being Buddhist had anything to do with it. I just sat down and figured how what I would need to do differently to bring about the change I wanted, and did it.

# · Nacho

Hey, cool study. In the last 14 weeks I have lost about 36 lbs. I finally decided I needed to truly embrace this part of my life with mindfulness. Not that I hadn’t tried, but it is one heck of an attachment. I agree with Terrance that Buddhism was only part of the equation for me, but being mindful, that is, extending mindfulness practice to my consumption habits was central. I feel much much better also.

Thanks again!

# · Will

Glad you’ve been shedding those pounds, Nacho!


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