Nepal's Buddha Boy Takes up the Sword

Friday January 5, 2007


He’s back, and he means business. Just when you began to think that he was gone for good, Ram Bomjon, Nepal’s famous Buddha boy has reappeared. You may recall that I reported here on thinkBuddha that the Buddha Boy had been creating created quite a stir in the Bara district of Nepal, sitting under a tree and – so his supporters claimed – going for months without food. Not even a snack.

Anyway, in march of 2006, Ram Bomjon disappeared into the jungle so he could meditate undisturbed. This is a shame because although he hung around for quite long enough for his activities to attract a nice sum in donations, it wasn’t quite long enough for the claims made on his behalf to be verified.

Anyway, according to Khantipur online, the prodigy appeared to some hunters on Christmas day, and then kindly put in an appearance for the media, but this time around alarmingly brandishing a sword (“even the Buddha”, he is quoted as saying in the Daily Telegraph, “had to protect himself”). He said that he had still eaten nothing but medicinal herbs during his time in the jungle, and that henceforth he would be meditating by what is referred to as the “historical Halkoriya pond”. The faithful will be reassured to hear that now Ram Bomjon is back in view he is, once again, taking donations.

Find out more about Rom Bomjon on Wikipedia.

Image: Siebe on Flickr


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