The Middle Way?

Saturday December 15, 2007

Middle Way?

Yesterday I was in Moseley, which is probably the Buddhist epicentre of Birmingham, and as I was wandering down the street I passed by two men involved in earnest discussion. The snippet of conversation that I overheard was, I thought, well worth preserving for the sake of posterity. It went something like this:

Man A (fervently): The thing is, you can’t talk about Buddhism all day.
Man B (sagely): I know what you are saying.
Man A (with conviction): It would become boring. You’d become a Buddhist bore.
Man B (philosophically): Right. You need to take a Middle Way

# · kay

My say is:

Hahahahaha! That’s priceless!

# · pramila

‘walk’ the ‘talk’ instead of ‘talk the walk’! The Laughing Buddha chuckles.

# · Wade M | The Middle Way

That’s a fantastic conversation, I wonder if they saw the irony in what they were saying.



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