Is it December already?

Wednesday December 1, 2010

Apologies for the long, deep silences here on thinkBuddha. Do not assume that these are indicative of similarly long and deep contemplations, as this will only raise the false hope for some correspondingly profound utterances once I rouse myself from my silence. No, the reality is more prosaic. November was busy with all kinds of projects elsewhere, so not much writing got done here in November. And then a week ago, I succumbed to some kind of a virus, and ever since then I’ve been mostly, well… asleep. So to avoid my utterances here beginning to resemble something out of the final pages of Flowers for Algernon, I’m giving the blogging a rest until I’ve fully recovered and until some cogent thoughts start swimming their way back into my mind.

# · Sabio Lantz

Rest is good, for we risk great peril in ignoring the calling to rest!
Rest in peace, Algernon, we await your cogent return!

# · Peter CLOTHIER

I need to learn from your wisdom in this. How right to listen to the silence now and then. Wishing you a slow and full recovery…

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