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Tuesday December 7, 2010

Well, it’s a somewhat sad day; but this will be the last post that I write on thinkBuddha. I’ve come to the decision over the past few weeks that I should – after a fantastically enjoyable five and a half years – wind up my blogging here on this website. When I started writing back in 2005, I hadn’t expected the blog to run for so long, or to be so enormously satisfying. But these things all have a natural life-span, and my sense is that it’s time to move on.

There are a number of reasons for this. One is that the explicit reference to Buddhism (the clue is in the name) is something that limits the range of stuff that I talk about here. There’s a lot of stuff that I could talk about, but that doesn’t seem to fit with the overall purpose of this blog. And when it comes to Buddhism, I’m not sure I have a great deal to say, without the risk of repeating myself, at the moment. And also, I’m involved in so many fun and interesting projects, that it makes more sense to have one place where I blog about everything, more or less indiscriminately.

As a result, I’m going to be switching my attention to my blog on my personal website at Some time ago – in 2006, in fact – I wrote a post here on thinkBuddha called How many blogs does one man need?, and I came to the conclusion then that two was probably too many, but what the hell. Now, however, given the demands of my teaching and writing, I think it makes sense to concentrate my efforts in one place.

So farewell to all of you wonderful commenters and readers. Do point your browsers and RSS readers to my personal blog, where I’ll continue to write – hopefully, in fact, with increased determination and fervour. Of course, it may happen that I decide to resurrect thinkBuddha some time in the future. For the time being, however, I’ll let the site sit here quietly, doing its own thing. I have no plans to remove it from the internet, as – who knows? – there may be people who find it interesting. But for new stuff, head over to my personal website. And my most enormous and hearty thanks for your comments and thoughts over the past years: it’s been loads of fun.

# · Jo Ind

Yeah but…Willbuckingham isn’t as good looking at ThinkBuddha and the name doesn’t resonate in the same way at all. Sob. Lament. Farewell.

# · Will

Oh, I know, Jo. The name doesn’t resonate in the same way. And it ain’t as pretty. But – branding aside – I hope to keep on writing. Thanks for reading and keep in touch.

# · Laurelle

Will, at first I was disappointed that thinkBuddha would be no more, but then of course I realized that that’s why I gravitated to your site in the first place; it epitomizes an awareness that we are in the process of continuous transformation in which nothing is fixed. Ay, the truth of impermanence. A thinkBuddha website that is always present is an oxymoron; is it not? I consider you a far away friend across the Atlantic. Whatever the name, the site, I will stay in touch.
With metta,

# · Robert Ellis

But… just frankly isn’t as interesting! Also one of the attractions of thinkbuddha is that it isn’t/ wasn’t just a personal blog, but branched out to larger issues. Why don’t you give up and just bring your reflections on writing into thinkbuddha instead? The name is richly ambiguous, and I don’t think it means you need to be constrained from including stuff about moomins (or whatever) on Thinkbuddha.

But if Will insists on leaving Thinkbuddha to die, here’s an invitation to all its regulars to come and discuss philosophy, Buddhism, the Middle Way and related topics on the discussion board I’ve recently started up on instead: see www.moralobjectivity… .

# · Jean

Sorry to hear this, Will. But not too sorry, if it means more regular posting on your other blog, where your China travelogue last summer was such a wonderful read. The broadly buddhist perspective is not something that disappears, I believe, once it has got into the way one experiences life. I expect to continue enjoying, being engaged and intellectually stretched by whatever your write, in whatever forum.

# · Will

Thanks, Laurelle and Jean.

Robert, I’m sorry to disappoint. And it may well be that you are not as interested in what I write on Nevertheless, I had such a lot of fun blogging from China over there over the summer, and it makes sense given how limited my time is to focus my energies a bit more in one place. The resonance of the name “thinkBuddha” is indeed something I’ll miss. Nevertheless, all blogs have a natural life-span, and I suspect that is coming to the end of this span. Anybody too disappointed can (and should!) go to Robert’s site and get involved in the discussions there.

# · Ben

‘The End’ is perhaps a strange time to raise my head above the virtual-parapet. I did though want to say, a rather unoriginal, thank you for the past few years of thinkBuddha.

As someone who believes thinking is overrated it has often proved me wrong!

# · Dave

This has been a magnificent blog, and I’ve learned a lot from it over the years. Thanks so much!

Anyone who thinks your personal blog isn’t as interesting obviously wasn’t reading your travel blogging from China. And some other interesing snippets there, too — I was charmed to learn the other day that you are a fellow Moomin fan, for instance. I enjoyed the hell out of your first novel as well, so yeah — I think it makes very good sense to have one general blog where you can talk about anything you like, including but not limited to Buddhish topics. One thing you might consider, though, is adopting a more interesting title for the other site.

# · Will

You are right, Dave, about the name of the site. It’s not hugely exciting… So I may think at some stage about changing it at some time.

Anyway, I’m glad that you are a member of the select group who not only read, but also enjoyed the first novel! All the best,

# · Curt

Gitty up!

# · James

I too am one of those lurkers who has only been roused to get in touch by the news that this blog is being discontinued! While missing ThinkBuddha, I will continue to follow the other blog, and will perhaps now mine the earlier writings on ThinkBuddha, which I have mostly not read. I hope that Will will continue to give us the benefits of his thinking about Buddhism, as he feels inspired to do so, as well as other topics, on his personal blog.
With metta and best wishes, James

# · Will

Well, famous last words and all that. But thanks to all who have been in touch. As you will see – after some reflection and a lot of re-coding and reorganising – I’ve somewhat changed my plans for, and I’m now in the final stages of restructuring the site as a kind of repository for articles. This feels like the right decision to make. There’ll be an update in the news section very soon (by the end of the month, I hope) to formally launch the new-look And after that, I may be continuing to add the occasional article when the mood takes me.

It’s been good to step back and to rethink things; but now I’m looking forward to taking the site in new directions.

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