About thinkBuddha

Some time around 2005, while I was working on my PhD in philosophy, I set up thinkBuddha as an experiment in thinking out loud.

At the time, I had been practising Buddhism seriously for something like a decade, and I was trying to get to grips with the contemporary significance of this curious bundle of complex and fascinating traditions.

I ran for something like six years. By the end of this time, I had gone from seeing myself as a Buddhist, to seeing myself as Buddh-ish, to seeing myself as more or less post-Buddhish. So this site, in one sense, plots an evolution (or, some might say, a decline).

Around a decade since I stopped publishing on thinkBuddha, people still sometimes ask me about the site, or lament that it is no longer online. So I thought I’d take this chance to revive it, and republish the things that I think are worth saving. Not all of the stuff from the old site repays a second reading, but over the coming months, I’m planning to put most of the things online that I think will be useful or still of passing interest.

The newly republished pieces are lightly edited, and I’m more or less republishing them at random, according to what interests me. I’m republishing them according to the date they were first published, so that the order is preserved. You can use the search function to track down what you need.

This new site runs using Hugo on Netlify, using the lovely Blist theme. I you want to get in touch with me, then the best way is to head over to my website and use the contact form over there.

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thinkBuddha is written by Will Buckingham. Most of the content on this site is only of historical interest! It may not represent my current views.